Four Sisters

My friend Susan has 4 beautiful grand-daughters.  The girls love to spend time with her and the two oldest like to help her sew and quilt.   She let the girls go through her stash and pick the fabrics they liked best.  They cut them into small strips and then they sat on Nana’s lap as she sewed them together to make a string that was as long as they were tall.   When they were finished that had four very colourful strips.  As a Christmas surprise, Susan incorporated the strips into a quilt design.  She was running out of time to complete her gift so I volunteered to quilt it for her.  I made a few suggestions to personalize the quilt by having Susan write their names on each strip and then I quilted over her markings so that it was her handwriting.  She gave me the freedom to FMQ it as I saw fit.

We used a polyester batting with lots of loft that allowed me to quilt designs into the background.  Susan has a dog and a cat that the girls just adore so I thought I should add their foot prints.

4sisters2 4sisters4 4sisters 4sisters1