Pat’s One Block Wonder

This one block wonder was a full commission quilt for my massage therapist.  She gave me this pillow sham to use as my colour inspiration and left the rest up to me.



I used two layers of batting(80/20 and wool) to give extra warmth and loft to the quilt.  It was quilted with a floral and loop design called Clematis and a custom feather in the border.





For a OBW, it is very common to use a piece of the original fabric (usually in the border) to show what was used to create the unique hexagons.  I used one of my fabrics as the border.  For the second fabric, I fussy cut the repeating image of the swiss chard and appliquéd it to a section of plain hexagons.  I put a scrap piece of wool batting on the back of the quilt top to trapunto the chard.  I then used two layers of batting and dense quilting in the light purple background to give even more dimension to the chard.



I used 6 different fabrics to piece together the backing.  I wanted to give Pat the flexibility to flip the quilt over and show the back if she was in the mood for a change.  It has a similar colour palette to the front with the introduction of a green.