Susan’s BOM


Once again this quilting job morphed from a simple edge to edge design to fully custom quilted. I’m so glad that it did. While it would have looked just fine with a simple E2E design, I think the custom quilting really made it sing.

Susan wasn’t particularly in love with the pieced blocks so she didn’t want the quilting to emphasize them. She gave me full control to do whatever I wanted so I went a little crazy. I went through a ton of thread but I think the end result was worth it.  I just love how quilting adds such texture and depth to a quilt top.

SDclose-1 SDclose-2 SDClose-3 SDclose-4

This is one of those quilts where the FMQ looks great on the front and the back.




Pat’s One Block Wonder

This one block wonder was a full commission quilt for my massage therapist.  She gave me this pillow sham to use as my colour inspiration and left the rest up to me.



I used two layers of batting(80/20 and wool) to give extra warmth and loft to the quilt.  It was quilted with a floral and loop design called Clematis and a custom feather in the border.





For a OBW, it is very common to use a piece of the original fabric (usually in the border) to show what was used to create the unique hexagons.  I used one of my fabrics as the border.  For the second fabric, I fussy cut the repeating image of the swiss chard and appliquéd it to a section of plain hexagons.  I put a scrap piece of wool batting on the back of the quilt top to trapunto the chard.  I then used two layers of batting and dense quilting in the light purple background to give even more dimension to the chard.



I used 6 different fabrics to piece together the backing.  I wanted to give Pat the flexibility to flip the quilt over and show the back if she was in the mood for a change.  It has a similar colour palette to the front with the introduction of a green.





High Tea


Another very densely custom quilted finish.  First I just did this design in pink and I was happy with it and moved on to quilting the sashing.


Once I finished quilting the sashing I decided that I needed to add a little more quilting.  I came back in with orange thread and added the inner petals filled in with pebbles. Still not satisfied I added the inner orange loops.


Then I decided to fill the orange loops with thread to give it more dimension. I was happy with the final design so I advance the quilt and moved on to the next section.. Then I got the bright idea to do some dense quilting in the background to allow the design to really pop forward. I lost track of how much time I put into the FMQ in the 15 white squares but it was substantial.



Jana’s Wedding Quilt

This is large kingsize quilt with full custom quilting. It is comprised of forty nine 12 inch blocks and 3 borders.  There are 24 house blocks with lots of stitch in the ditch around the houses and then a fairly densely quilted background.  There is an additional 25 plain blocks with intense custom quilting.



Here are close-ups of some of the blocks:

JanaB3 JanaB11 JanaB21 JanaB29 JanaB39 JanaB41 JanaB43 JanaB45 JanaB49